Lindsay (L), Lexie (R). Photo by Matt Clayton

Lexie and Lindsay Kite are identical twin sisters with PhDs from the University of Utah. They established the non-profit Beauty Redefined in conjunction with their master’s and doctoral research in 2009 in a grassroots effort to help females recognize and reject harmful messages about their bodies, worth, and potential through media literacy. Today, the nonprofit Beauty Redefined represents their work to help girls and women redefine the meaning and value of beauty in their lives through online education, social media activismand through regular speaking engagements for thousands of people of all ages in both secular and religious settings, from universities and high schools to church congregations and community organizations. Lexie and Lindsay have been featured in a wide range of media. For more information on Lexie and Lindsay Kite and their research, please see the FAQ page, About Usor contact us directly for an immediate response to  interview requests. Our press kit with headshot, logo and more can be found here.

Beauty Redefined On Television

Studio 5 KSL TV Drs. Lexie and Lindsay Kite on Redefining the Modesty Conversation in May 2018

Studio 5 KSL TV Dr. Lexie Kite on Fitspiration, Body Positivity, and Objectification in April 2018

KSL TV News Dr. Lexie Kite on Social Media Influencers and Objectification in March 2018

KUTV News More than a Body with Drs. Lexie and Lindsay Kite in June 2017

NBC 10 Philadelphia Twins Defining What Beauty Is in March 2015

CNBC’s “Closing Bell” about our viral #CuttheCarls campaign against Carl’s Jr. in Sept. 2014

We are the first twins graduating with PhDs at the same time that our university can recall

KSL 5 News Beauty Redefined in July 2013

ABC 4 News The Perfect Look: An Interview with Beauty Redefined in May 2013

KUTV 2 (CBS affiliate in SLC) In-depth feature on Beauty Redefined in November 2012

Fox 13 News Beauty Redefined Takes Sticky Notes to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in February 2013

KSL’s Mormon Times TV Beauty Redefined: Seeing Your True Worth in March 2013

ABC 4 Evening News The Issue with Swimsuits in Sports Illustrated in February 2013

KUTV2 Evening News Utah Twins Take on Sports Illustrated in February 2013

Al Jazeera English TV Live On-Air Interview on “Beauty Whitewashing” in July 2012

KSL 5 Evening News (NBC affiliate in SLC) Segment on “Inappropriate” Prom Dress Debacle in October 2012

KSL 5 Sunday Edition Live On-Air Interview for Cultural Connections (Segment 2) in December 2012

KSL 5 (NBC affiliate in SLC) Live On-Air Interview for Billboard Campaign in August 2011

Fox 13 Morning Show Live On-Air Interview for Billboard Campaign in July 2011

Local News 8 Interview for Beauty Redefined Campaign in Idaho Falls, Idaho in August 2011

ABC4 Salt Lake City Evening  News Segment for Billboard Campaign in July 2011

Beauty Redefined on Radio and Podcasts

Harder to Kill Radio podcast with host Stephanie Gaudreau: Dealing with Negative Body Image with Beauty Redefined Episode 183

FoodPsych Podcast with Christy Harrison: Body Image Resilience with Beauty Redefined’s Lexie and Lindsay Kite Episode 144

Nutrition Matters Podcast with Paige Smathers: Beauty Redefined and Body Image Resilience Episode 106

KSL Mom’s Show in three segments: Why women need to see themselves as more than bodies, How women unknowingly objectify themselves, and How to fix poor body image.

Reclaiming You Podcast with Sarah Vance: Beauty Redefined and Body Image Resilience

Feminist Frequency Podcast: Interview with Lindsay Kite by Meghan Murphy: “Empowerment and Body Positivity in the Selfie Age”

The Matt Townsend Show on BYU Radio – “Body Positivity or Body Obsession” interview with Lindsay Kite in Dec. 2017

Utah Public Radio – Access Utah Interview with Lexie Kite on the #CuttheCarls Viral Campaign, Sept. 2014

KPCW  Park City Radio Interview with Lindsay and Lexie Kite Oct. 2014

Talk Radio 105.7 FM  Rod Arquette Interview in March 2014

Talk Radio 105.7 FM Lindsay Kite’s Interview with Rod Arquette on Mom Forcing 7-Year-Old Daughter to Diet

Southern Fried Fitness Radio & TV, The Robin Shea Show on : “Fitspiration” Segments 1-4 

The Mormon Channel Podcast: Nov. 2013, Up  Close Interview (starts at 2 mins)

The F Word Media Collective Radio Show, Vancouver, CA: “Redefining Beauty by Putting Health First” in May 2012

The Power of Moms Podcast Series: Episode 39 “Beauty Redefined” in August 2012

Utah Public Radio Beauty Redefined Founders Challenge Cultural Ideals in February 2013

Beauty Redefined in Newspapers, Magazines and Noteworthy Websites How to Make Kids Comfortable in Their Own Bodies in January 2019

Deseret News: Founders of Beauty Redefined Say the Road to Body Image Resilience is Found in Power and Purpose in April 2018

Self Magazine:  “7 Food-Related Phrases You Should Ban From Your Vocabulary This Month (and Forever featuring tips from Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, Dec. 2017

The Boston Globe: Labor secretary pick ripped over use of racy ads” (Includes interview with Lindsay Kite on Carl’s Jr. CEO and his defense of the objectification of women) “What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Body Positivity,” featuring Lindsay Kite and her TEDx talk, Nov. 2017

Feminist Frequency: “Empowerment and Body Positivity in the Selfie Age” (Interview with Lindsay Kite by Meghan Murphy)

NBC (Based on an Associated Press story re-published in dozens of major national newspapers and news outlets) Sept. 2014 – #MoreThanMeat: The Campaign to Stop those Sexist Burger Ads,” Sept. 2014

Standard Examiner – “Is modest really the hottest?” Aug. 2014

HaveHeart Magqazine – “Lexie & Lindsay Kite: Beauty Redefined” May 2014

Continuum Magazine: Re-envisioning Women’s Worth and Wellness in September 2013

Maria Shriver’s website,, asked us to write this piece on how to develop positive body image in Oct. 2014

University of Utah News: Twin Sisters Earn Doctoral Degrees While Redefining Beauty in May 2013

Salt Lake Tribune Front Page Story: Utah Twins Launch Sticky Note Protest in February 2013

Huffington Post: “Fitspiration: Why it isn’t so Inspirational” in May 2012 Tanning is a Young, White, Female Problem. And it’s Deadly in April 2013

Washington Times: Kite Sister Fight to Redefine Beauty in April 2013 “Is There Power in Modesty?” in October 2012 “Lexie Kite: PhD Student and Co-Founder of Beauty Redefined” in September 2012 “Lindsay Kite: PhD Student and Co-Founder of Beauty Redefined” in September 2012 “Discussing Weight and Body Image” in February 2013

Salt Lake Tribune Close-Up Profile: University of Utah Twins Tackle Beauty Stereotypes in September 2012

Deseret News (SLC Newspaper) 2-part series on objectification on Sept. 18:

Read Part 1: “The End of Innocence: The Cost of Sexualizing Kids” 

Part 2: “Sexualizing Kids: No Child Left Behind – and Fighting Back” 

The Provo Daily Herald: “A Bold Definition: Ph.D. Students and Twin Sisters Launch Campaign to Promote Positive Body Image” in August 2011

LDS Living Magazine: “Beauty Redefined: Rejecting the Media’s Impossible Standards” in January 2011

Amy Jussel of Shaping Youth for “Redefining Beauty, Reclaiming Yourself: Backtalking Billboards!” in July 2011 “Roadside Beauty Redefined” in August 2011 “We Heart These Ladies: The Kite Sisters” in August 2011 “The Kite Sisters Want You to To Take Back Beauty” in July 2011 “Objectification is not Empowerment: We Don’t Need Victoria’s Secret in Australia” 

iHollaBack: “Lindsay and Lexie Kite of Beauty Redefined” “Beauty Redefined: How to Change Your Perception” 

LDS Living Magazine: “Taking Back Beauty” in March 2012


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