You are more than a body. See more. Be more.

How I'm Winning the Body-After-Baby Battle

When "You Look So Skinny" Does More Harm Than Good

Stop Cheering for the Objectification of More Women

Are Body Positivity and Fitness Compatible?

Your Body is Not a Before or an After

From Body Anxiety to Body Image Activism: Our Story

Read our latest research-backed posts that teach you to recognize harmful messages, redefine beauty and health on your own terms, and continuously resist limiting ideals about women's bodies.

Lindsay and Lexie have presented their life-altering work on body image resilience to more than 100,000 people since 2009 through a compelling visual presentation. Find an event or book them for your group.

Developed and tested during their doctoral dissertations, Lindsay and Lexie offer an in-depth online course on body image resilience for individual women and girls 16+. Learn more here.

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